Each brand is unique and Stilvetro offers the possibility of expressing this uniqueness with the customization of the container. A competent team supports the customer not only in the choice of the most suitable product, but also in the creation of a customized product that can better communicate the values and particularities of each brand. Stilvetro is able to customize these containers either from the customer's original design, or using an existing model, in addition to performing various secondary operations.

By design

Stilvetro can actualize any type of container customization on the basis of projects designed by the customer or designed together with the company's internal professionals. Stilvetro assists its customers in every phase of customization, starting from the preliminary study and technical planning up to the realization of the prototype and sampling.


Customization can also be done on a container in the catalog and consists of applying a logo, a design, or a pattern on the shoulder, the body, the back, or on the collar of the container. Stilvetro offers different customized solutions that enhance the content through the design of the container.

Secondary operations

Stilvetro also carries out secondary operations thanks to long-established collaborations with important companies in the industry. Some examples include screen printing, or glass coloring to completely or partially change the color of the container, or decals and stickers for irregular shapes and more complex graphics.